Campfire 2 Pronged Extension Fork

Sale price$6.95 AUD


Introducing the Campfire 2 Pronged Extension Fork: Your Essential Campfire Cooking Tool!

Cooking over an open flame is an art, and the Campfire 2 Pronged Extension Fork is your trusted brush. Crafted with precision from durable chrome steel, this extendable fork is designed to make your outdoor cooking experiences more enjoyable, allowing you to roast marshmallows, hot dogs, and more with ease.

Features that Set the Campfire 2 Pronged Extension Fork Apart:

  1. Chrome Steel Construction: The fork is built from high-quality chrome steel, ensuring its longevity and resistance to heat and rust. This means you can rely on it for many campfire sessions to come.

  2. Extendable Design: Need to adjust the distance between your food and the fire? The Campfire Extension Fork has you covered. Its extendable feature allows you to reach just the right cooking distance for that perfectly roasted treat.


  • Dimensions: The Campfire 2 Pronged Extension Fork ranges from 510mm to 780mm in length, providing you with the flexibility to cook your food precisely the way you like it, whether you prefer a gentle roast or a crispy char.

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