Blade-Tech Browning MK3 Holster Ensemble

Size: Left Hand
Colour: Coyote
Sale price$440.00 AUD


The Blade-tech Browning Mk3 Holster Ensemble is the issued Browning holster for the Australian Defence Force. It is a level 2 WRS (weapon retention system) holster which means it has its first level of retention being friction and it second level being an active system.

The active safety system is an attached singular safety lock which, when pressed inward toward the body, releases the bail used to retain the weapon. If the safety lock is not deactivated, the weapon cannot be drawn from the holster. The WRS retention release button is conveniently located on the thumb side of the firearm which allows for instant access to the weapon and a swift draw of the weapon.

The holster is precision molded to the shape of the weapon which helps retain a secure retention, as well allowing a speedy draw. The holster’s tension can be adjusted via two screws.

Blade-tech’s TMMS (Tactical Modular Mount System) offers a quick and tool-less method for mounting and removing your gear across multiple mounting platforms – belt, MOLLE vest, thigh rig, etc. Quickly transfer gear from belt, to vest, to leg, or anywhere else you can stick a TMMS Receiver Plate. The inner attachment is designed to be firmly locked and unlocked from the outer mechanisms. A built-in secondary lock can be employed to further achieve a more secure fit. This configuration allows the user to quickly and conveniently move the holster from their thigh to chest or belt and back.

The Blade-tech Browning MK3 Holster Ensemble contains the following items.

  • BHP WRS Level 2 TMMS D/OS Holster, Dark Earth.
    NSN: 1095-66-160-9152 (RH)
    NSN: 1095-66-160-9151 (LH)
  • TMMS Outer with Molle Lok, Large (NSN: 8465-66-162-0974)
  • TMMS Outer with D/OS w/ ASR (NSN: 8465-66-164-5155)
  • TMMS Outer with Molle Lok, Small (NSN:8465-66-164-7967)


  • 8465-66-164-5151 (RH)
  • 8465-66-164-5153 (LH)


  • Made to carry the Browning High-Power Mk3 9mm pistol.
  • Spring loaded WRS level 2 security.
  • Retention screws to adjust tightness.
  • Precision thermo-molded design for secure fit.

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