Bush Tracks M83 Harness

Colour: Auscam
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This assault rig is based on the South African Army's M83 rig. The M83 was years ahead of its time in design and is still a fantastic rig out in the bush. It was built for sustaining a soldier during combat and on the march and is packed with features.

Starting from the front the rig has an array of magazine pouches. It has 4 double M4 pouches and 2 single pouches. That's a whooping 10 magazines at the ready. It also has 2 frag/compass pouches near the top flanked by 2 pen/flare slits. The front left side of the rig also has a large general purpose pouch. This can fit roughly a IFAK or general first aid kit. Now for the sides and back. What defined warfare for the South African Army was keeping a soldier sustained for long periods in the field. These rigs have 2 very large pouches secured with straps originally intended for carrying large 2 litre canteens. Alternatively these pouches have a small hook & loop opening at the top which can be used as a magazine dump pouch. The back of the rig has two separate zipped pouches on top of each other. These are great for carrying extra clothing, food and supplies. The top pouch also has a optional hook & loop opening which you can feed a bladder through for hydration when on the move (no bladder included).

The M83 design is a true testament to soldiery in the field. With so much carrying capacity and a no-nonsense approach, these will go above the needs for hunting and paintballers. 


  • 4x Double stanag mag pouches
  • 2x Single stanag mag pouches
  • 1x General purpose (IFAK sized) front pouch 
  • 2x 2 litre canteen pouches
  • 2x Frag pouches
  • 1x Hidden waist map compartment
  • 2x Zipped back pouches (Top one slightly bigger and with hook & loop opening for bladders)
  • Hook & loop closure on all front pouches
  • Strap securing on canteen pouches with optional hook & loop opening
  • Comfortable and breathable synthetic mesh lining
  • Clip closure to secure the rig
  • Fully adjustable width and length straps


  • Weight: 1.3kg

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