CampEzi Camp Shower

Size: 20L
Sale price$9.95 AUD


The CampEzi solar camp shower offers an effortless way to enjoy 20 liters of warm water. All you need to do is fill the bag with 20 liters of water and position it in the sun. This simple process ensures a soothing warm shower after a day of outdoor activities.

Harnessing solar power for hot water has never been easier! This system is the most straightforward, convenient, and space-saving hot water shower solution available. When not in use, the bag rolls up into a compact cylinder, making it easy to carry. Once you reach your campsite, fill it with water and place it in the sun with the black side facing upward. Soon, you'll have hot water ready for your needs, whether it's for showering, dishwashing, or any other hot water requirement.

Remember, it's advisable to shower within an hour or so of the sun setting to ensure your water remains sufficiently warm for your shower.

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