Cook Stand U.S.A. GI Style

Colour: Silver
Sale price$14.95 AUD


The GI US style cook stand is designed to be used with US military style canteen or kidney cups. Simply place the canteen cup into the top of the stand so you can be safe while boiling. Simply add your fuel source underneath and the cook stand will provide a controlled environment to keep the flame burning in.

The cook stand has 5 ventilation holes to allow some air in to feed the fire and let smoke out. The main cutout allows for the addition of fuel sources to keep the fire going while in use. These are still a tried and tested design dating back many decades, fantastic for getting dinner sorted on camping or hunting trips.


  • Compatible with US style canteen cups
  • Ventilation holes to allow some air in/out
  • Main gap to allow addition of fuel during use


  • Dimensions: 8cm H x 13cm W x 6.5cm D
  • Weight: 70g

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