Diamond Pocket Super Fine Stone 1IN x 3IN x 1/4IN with Fishhook Groove

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Introducing the Diamond Pocket Super Fine Stone with Fishhook Groove, measuring 1 inch by 3 inches by 1/4 inch. This stone is a versatile sharpening tool suitable for various applications.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for sharpening hunting and fishing knives, woodworking tools, exacto blades, axes, and industrial tools.
  • No need for oil or water during sharpening; the surface remains true and flat.
  • Available in super fine grit, perfect for achieving a keen razor finish on your blades.
  • The stone has a fishhook groove, making it convenient for sharpening fishing hooks and other pointed objects.

EZE-LAP offers a range of diamond stones with different grit sizes to match specific sharpening needs. Here's a breakdown of the available grits:

  1. Fine (600) Grit: Suitable for most sharpening tasks, capable of quickly sharpening dull knives and providing a razor-sharp edge.

  2. Medium (400) Grit: Offers a good balance between speed and quality finish, suitable for tasks requiring a sharp but not razor-sharp edge.

  3. Coarse (250) Grit: Designed for fast metal removal and sharpening tasks like axes, shovels, and garden tools.

  4. Extra Coarse (150) Grit: Ideal for roughing in or prepping workpieces before final finishing.

  5. Superfine (1200) Grit: Perfect for achieving a polished, mirror-like finish, ideal for woodworking and industrial applications where precision is critical.

EZE-LAP's diamond stones are versatile and effective, and this Super Fine Stone with a Fishhook Groove is a valuable addition to your sharpening toolkit, ensuring your blades and tools are always sharp and ready for use.

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