Elemental Egg Carrier 6 Pack

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Elemental Egg Carrier 6 Pack: Keep Your Eggs Safe and Secure on Your Adventures!

When you're out hiking or on a short car camping trip, having a safe and convenient way to transport your eggs is essential. The Elemental Egg Carrier 6 Pack is designed with individual compartments to cushion each egg, ensuring they arrive at your destination intact and ready to be cooked or enjoyed.

Features that Make the Elemental Egg Carrier 6 Pack a Must-Have:

  • Individual Compartments: Each egg gets its own designated compartment, preventing them from touching and potentially cracking during transportation. Your eggs will arrive in perfect condition, ready to be prepared for a delicious meal.

  • Twin Locking Lids: The twin locking lids securely seal the carrier, keeping your eggs in place and preventing any unwanted spills or accidents. You can carry your eggs with confidence, knowing they are well-protected.

  • Storage for Small to Medium Size Eggs: This carrier is designed to accommodate small to medium-sized eggs, making it versatile and suitable for a range of egg types.

  • Perfect for Hiking and Camping: Whether you're embarking on a hiking adventure or a short car camping trip, this egg carrier is the perfect companion. It ensures you have access to fresh eggs for cooking, even when you're far from home.

  • Egg Protection: The design of the Elemental Egg Carrier 6 Pack is such that it won't crush the eggs when closed, further ensuring the safety of your precious cargo.


  • Dimensions (Closed): Measuring 14L x 13W x 7.5H (cm), this compact carrier is easy to transport and store in your camping gear.

Don't let the fear of broken eggs dampen your outdoor cooking plans. With the Elemental Egg Carrier 6 Pack, you can safely and conveniently transport your eggs, so you can enjoy a hearty and delicious meal wherever your adventures take you.

Elevate your outdoor cooking game and protect your eggs on the go. Order the Elemental Egg Carrier 6 Pack today and ensure that your eggs arrive at your campsite or hiking destination in perfect condition, ready to be enjoyed!

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