Elemental Map Compass

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Elemental Map Compass: Navigate with Precision and Confidence!

Exploring the great outdoors, whether you're hiking, camping, or orienteering, requires a reliable tool to help you find your way. The Elemental Map Compass is designed to provide you with accurate navigation, ensuring you can confidently navigate unfamiliar terrain and reach your destination safely.

Features of the Elemental Map Compass:

  1. Precise Navigation: This compass is equipped with a high-quality magnetic needle and a clear baseplate with a magnifying lens for precise navigation. It allows you to read maps and compass bearings with accuracy.

  2. Built-In Ruler: The built-in ruler on the baseplate is a valuable addition for measuring distances on maps. It aids in planning routes and estimating travel times.

  3. Luminous Markings: The luminous markings on the compass are useful for low-light conditions, such as dawn or dusk. They ensure you can still read your compass in dim lighting.

  4. Adjustable Declination: The adjustable declination feature allows you to compensate for the difference between true north and magnetic north in your specific location. This ensures that your compass readings are accurate.


  • Dimensions: The compass is compact and portable, designed for easy carrying in your pocket or attached to your gear.
  • Weight: It is lightweight, ensuring it won't weigh you down during your outdoor adventures.

Navigating the wilderness, finding your way back to camp, or exploring new trails becomes an enjoyable and stress-free experience with the Elemental Map Compass by your side.

Prioritize safety and precision in your outdoor adventures. Order the Elemental Map Compass today and gain the confidence to explore and navigate the great outdoors with ease and accuracy!

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