Elemental Seam Sealer 50ml

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Elemental Seam Sealer 50ml: Waterproof Your Gear with Confidence!

When you're out in the elements, whether it's camping, hiking, or exploring, keeping your gear dry is essential. The Elemental Seam Sealer 50ml is designed to provide you with a quick and effective solution to waterproof the seams of your nylon and synthetic fabric items. With its colorless and washable formula, it ensures your gear remains both functional and visually appealing.


The Elemental Seam Sealer is a versatile and essential product for outdoor enthusiasts. It can be used on nylon and synthetic fabrics to comprehensively waterproof the seams, preventing moisture from seeping in and keeping you dry in wet conditions.


  • For Use with Nylon and Synthetic Fabrics: This seam sealer is compatible with a wide range of materials, including nylon and synthetic fabrics commonly found in outdoor gear, tents, clothing, and more.

  • Ideal for Waterproofing Seams: Seam sealing is crucial for maintaining the waterproof integrity of your gear. This seam sealer ensures that water doesn't penetrate the seams, helping you stay dry and comfortable.

  • Colourless and Washable: The colorless formula ensures that it won't alter the appearance of your gear or garments, preserving their original look. Additionally, it's washable, so your waterproofing remains effective even after cleaning.


  • Volume: 50ml

With the Elemental Seam Sealer 50ml in your outdoor toolkit, you can enhance the waterproofing of your gear and enjoy your adventures without worrying about wet or damp conditions.

Don't let rain or moisture spoil your outdoor experiences. Order the Elemental Seam Sealer 50ml today and waterproof your gear with confidence, knowing that your equipment will remain dry and dependable during your outdoor pursuits!

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