Garmont T 8 Bifida Wide

Size: 8 US
Colour: Coyote
Sale price$329.00 AUD


The Garmont T 8 Bifida Wide boots are designed for field activities that demand extra support for heavy loads and adhere to AR670-1 compliance. Here are the key features and specifications of these tactical boots:

  1. Non-Waterproof: These boots are designed to be non-waterproof, which makes them suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities in different conditions.

  2. Durable Materials: The boots feature a 1.8 mm suede leather upper with polyester inserts. This construction provides durability and support for carrying heavy loads.

  3. Lacing System: They come with a speed lacing system that includes a ball bearing anchoring loop and closed hook eyelets. This ensures a secure and quick way to tighten and adjust the boots.

  4. Ortholite® Ultra Footbed: The boots are equipped with Ortholite® Ultra footbeds, which offer cushioning and breathability for extended periods of use. This is important for comfort during long missions or hikes.

  5. Weight: Each boot weighs approximately 660 grams (for half pair size 9 US), which is relatively lightweight for a tactical boot of this type.

  6. AR670-1 Compliance: The T 8 Bifida Wide boots are AR670-1 compliant, meeting the requirements for military uniform standards.

  7. Multi-Terrain Performance: These boots are designed for use in a variety of terrains, from mud-soaked trails to arid desert sands and steep slopes. They provide comfort and protection under demanding field conditions.

  8. Quality and Detail: Garmont is known for its quality and attention to fine detail in the construction of its tactical boots. The boots are made with durable nylon webbing and metallic eyelets.

  9. Comfort: The PU Breathable Footbed and EVA insole contribute to comfort, and the boots feature zero optical refraction hardware at the instep for performance in all operating environments.

  10. Slip Resistance: The rubber outsole is well-constructed and has treads designed to provide slip resistance, ensuring a good grip on various terrains.

  11. Versatile Use: These boots are suitable for missions that require speed, long periods of standing, and excessive walking. They are also designed to handle wet or amphibious environments.

In summary, the Garmont T 8 Bifida Wide boots are a durable and versatile choice for those in need of tactical footwear that offers comfort, support, and protection in a range of field conditions, including challenging terrains and demanding missions.

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