Gear Aid Camo Form Reusable Wrap

Size: 5.1cm x 366cm
Colour: Multicam
Sale price$29.95 AUD


This unique wrap provides superior medical support and compression bandage capabilities yet are easily removable and reusable to keep your gear in top condition. Unlike other wraps that get stuck to equipment or leave a mess behind when removed, Camo Form offers a safer alternative with no trace of its use left behind.


– Removable and reusable self-cling wrap
– Does not stick to gear or weapons
– Does not leave any residue
– Instantly camouflages items, quiets clatter and is great for swapping items too hot or cold to touch.
– Ideal for weapons, scopes, binoculars, flashlights, knife handles and sheaths, ammo clips, canteen and more.
– Superior medical support and compression bandage.
– 5.1cm x 366cm long

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