Ledlenser Solidline SC4R

Sale price$43.95 AUD


Designed by Ledlenser, the clip light SC4R is the practical tool for anybody who requires flexible light on the go and wants to keep their hands free. Versatile, bright and super-lightweight. Thanks to a clip and a built-in magnet, the SC4R can be attached in various ways, for example to caps, backpacks or metal surfaces. The ball joint of the SC4R further allows the lamp head to be aimed in virtually any direction. In white light mode choose from three dimmer levels, in red light mode choose from constant light and blinking light. The integrated battery pack can easily be recharged at any time with the micro-USB port.

  • Flexible clip light with practical ball joint
  • Powerful white light and red light LED with five lighting options and up to 200 lumens of power
  • Innovative Gesture Control - light can be turned on and off easily with the wave of a hand
  • Various attachment options thanks to Clip (MOLLE compatible) and magnet
  • Integrated battery pack, rechargeable via micro-USB port


  • White and red light functions
  • Clip on and a magnetic base mounting options
  • Ball joint for easy swivel to direct the light
  • High Lumens vs Value for money
  • The SC4R in particular comes with a gesture control on and off function.
  • Both lights only weigh 35gms (lighter than the nearest competitive product)
  • 12 month warranty
  • Great value vs the competition

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