OZtrail Kennedy Camper Sleeping Bag

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The OZtrail Kennedy Camper +10°C Sleeping Bag is designed for summer or warmer weather camping and sleepovers. Here is a description of its features and specifications:


  1. Temperature Rating: This sleeping bag is rated for a minimum temperature of +10°C, making it suitable for use in warm weather conditions.

  2. Insulation: It features non-allergenic ExoTherm X Fill, known for its great insulating properties, helping to keep you comfortable during your camping adventures.

  3. Portability: The sleeping bag is lightweight and easy to carry, making it convenient for travel and outdoor activities.

  4. Outer Shell: It has a 100% Polyester outer shell, providing strength and durability while remaining lightweight.

  5. Inner Liner: The inner liner is made of comfortable and durable Airweave polycotton material, ensuring a cozy sleeping experience.

  6. Zipper: It comes with a coil zip that is designed for long-lasting, trouble-free operation. An auto-lock zipper feature helps prevent the zip from accidentally opening during the night.

  7. Temperature Control: There's a Velcro closure at the top of the sleeping bag, allowing you to control the temperature by adjusting the zip. This feature helps you stay comfortable in varying weather conditions.

  8. Draft Tube: A zip draft tube is included to minimize the entry of cold air, ensuring a warmer and more comfortable sleep.

  9. Stuff Sack: The sleeping bag comes with a 170T Polyester stuff sack for easy storage and transport.


  • Model: SBH-KEC-C
  • UPC/ISBN: 9320531045211
  • Dimensions: 70 x 180cm
  • Pack Size: √ò 20 x 31cm
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Minimum Temperature Rating: 10¬∞C
  • Outer Shell Fabric: 170T Polyester fabric for strength and durability with lightweight properties.
  • Inner Fabric: Airweave polycotton
  • Filling: 150gsm ExoTherm X¬Æ synthetic fill. ExoTherm X¬Æ is a dense, stable layer of ultra-fine 100% polyester filament strands that trap air to keep you warm.
  • Carry Bag: Included 170T Polyester stuff sack for easy storage and transportation.

Please note that this sleeping bag is designed for warm weather and is not suitable for use in mild or cold climates. It's a versatile and comfortable option for summer camping trips, sleepovers, or use in caravans and cabins.

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