Platatac Lightweight Rifle Sling Kit

Colour: Coyote Brown
Sale price$39.95 AUD


The Platatac lightweight rifle sling combines proven features found on classic two point slings with the added comfort of a thin padded section into a minimalist adaptable system. The sling is adjustable via the ITW ladder lock at the forward end and combined with the ITW oval loop running down the webbing for a smooth adjustment allowing the user to instantly lengthen and shorten the sling - quickly transitioning from a “hands-free” carry to a shooting position with a simple pull of the webbing loop adjuster.
Also included in the kit are two mounting options, a para cord loop to attach to OEM rail systems or sling loops and a 19mm webbing loop for attaching your sling to the buttstock end of your rifle, both feature 25mm C loops to run the sling through. 
The 50mm inline pad is fixed in place and provides stability and comfort and is made from closed-cell foam that won’t separate or gain water weight. The 25mm webbing can be looped through sling swivels, buttstock slots, or combined with the included Long webbing loop and paracord loop to attach to various platforms and


  • 1” webbing can be looped through sling swivels, buttstock slots, or combined with OEM sling hardware (available separately)
  • Includes two extra sling mounting options
  • Fits standard M4 carbines and various bolt action rifles
  • Can be mounted upside down (Adjuster to the rear) on traditional bolt action rifles and shotguns for a "muzzle up" carry
  • Overall length is adjustable to accommodate different sized weapons, with or without body armor

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