Platatac Skull Pace Counter

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Pace counters are designed to help track distance when navigating to ensure accuracy.

Method for use:

For every 100 metres the user walks, one of the lower beads is pulled down. When the ninth of the lower beads is pulled, the user has walked 900 metres. When the user has walked 100 more metres, one of the upper beads is pulled down, and all the lower beads are pulled back up.

Using this method the user must know the number of paces walked in 100 metres. An experienced user can also adapt the pace count for each hundred metres depending on the terrain. When using this method the user does not have to calculate or look up how long a distance to walk or the distance travelled.

This method can of course be used for non-metric distances as well, though with the beads arranged in a different manner.


  • Gutted 550 paracord
  • 9 lower skull beads 
  • 4 upper skull beads
  • Made in Australia 

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