Platatac Slouch Hat Carrier

Size: One Size
Colour: Black
Sale price$24.95 AUD


The PLATATAC Slouch Hat Carrier is a purpose-built accessory designed to safely carry and store your Grade 1 Slouch Hat. Here are its features:

  • Materials: The carrier is constructed from heavy-duty board, ensuring durability and protection for your Slouch Hat.

  • PVC Covering: The carrier is heat sealed with a PVC covering, which helps maintain the condition of your hat by protecting it from dust, moisture, and other elements.

  • Hat Orientation: The carrier's extended back panel allows for the stowage of your Slouch Hat with the brim either up or down, providing flexibility in how you store and transport your hat.

  • Integrated Carry Handle: For ease of transport, the carrier is equipped with an integrated carry handle, making it convenient to take your hat with you.

  • Aesthetic Finish: The Platatac Slouch Hat Carrier is finished with a black leather-like surface, giving it an elegant and professional appearance. It also features a gold-stamped Platypus emblem, adding a touch of style.

This carrier is designed to keep your Slouch Hat in parade ground condition, ensuring it remains in pristine shape for special occasions or military service. It provides a secure and protective storage solution for your hat, making it an essential accessory for individuals who own and cherish their Slouch Hats.

Hat Not Included

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