Platatac Tear Away Med Pouch

Colour: Multicam
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The Platatac Tear Away Med Pouch (TAMP) is a vertically mounted, compact, well laid out solution to store your individual first aid kit (IFAK), it can be mounted on any MOLLE/PALS platform and rapidly deployed in a matter of seconds for when you need it most. 
Work with your medkit in front of you for self-aid or next to the casualty by simply unclipping the Fastex clip and pulling downwards on the pouch via the handle to remove it from the MOLLE/PALS compatible velcro hook and loop panel. The TAMP opens up completely via dual #10 YKK zips to lay flat. This allows for rapid recognition and access to the contents stowed neatly inside. A flat vertical zippered pouch on the front can stow small flat items such as a casualty card, 9-Liner pro forma, emergency blanket or CPR face shield.

The TAMP also features a side-mounted velcro tourniquet retention strap, made from two 38mm pieces of elastic which securely holds either a CAT, SOF-T, and other tourniquet options. The TQ strap can be removed and utilised elsewhere on your gear as an alternate carry option. A piece of 50mm x 50mm colour matched Velcro loop patch on the front of the pouch with contrasting colour swiss cross allows for the attachment of medical identifiers.


  • Tears away from your rig to work next to your casualty
  • Removable velcro hook & loop compatible tourniquet loop suitable for CAT, SOF-T etc 
  • MOLLE/PALS compatible Velcro Hook & Loop panel - can also be carried inside a pack
  • Web tape grab/pull handle on the pouch for rapid removal
  • Fastex clip retention for added security
  • Flat zippered pocket on the front to stow extra items
  • Internal elastic loops for the organisation of medical supplies
  • Double zips allow for a full opening with heat shrink wrapped paracord
  • 50 x 50mm loop for first aid or blood group patch
  • Drainage Grommet for water drainage
  • The TAMP will fit 2 x Israeli bandages, 2 x SAM chest seals or 2 x Hyfin chest seals, Combat Application Tourniquet, Nitrile gloves, Trauma shears and a range of bandages and smaller items. 

Weight, Fabrics & Dimensions

  • 200 Grams 
  • Made from 500D Cordura Nylon materials and Milspec webbing 
  • 200mm (H) x 100mm (W) x 60mm (D)
  • Requires two MOLLE columns

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