Rugged Xtremes Touchtape Overboot Covers

Colour: Green
Sale price$21.95 AUD


The Rugged Xtremes Touchtape Overboot Covers are designed to protect your boots from seeds, dirt, and debris while working in rugged environments. Here's a short description of these practical and durable overboot covers:

"Keeps Your Boots Clean: When you're out in the field, the last thing you want is seeds, dirt, or debris finding their way into your boots. The Rugged Xtremes Touchtape Overboot Covers are the perfect solution for keeping your feet clean and comfortable during tough jobs.

Versatile Use: These overboot covers are well-suited for a range of professionals, including farmers, miners, and anyone working around the yard. They provide essential protection for your footwear, ensuring your boots stay free from unwanted elements.

One Size Fits All: With a convenient velcro adjustment, these overboot covers are designed to fit one size that accommodates various boot sizes. They're easy to adjust for a snug fit.

Durable Construction: Manufactured from waterproof 430gsm ripstop polyester canvas, these overboot covers are built to withstand the rigors of the job. They're designed to last and provide reliable protection.

Easy to Use: Featuring a side opening velcro strip and an elastic top, these overboot covers are not only tough but also easy to put on. Simply pull open the velcro, wrap them around your boots, and you're ready to go!

Keep your boots clean and enjoy peace of mind while working in challenging conditions with these dependable and user-friendly overboot covers."

These overboot covers are a practical addition to your work gear, ensuring your boots remain free from unwanted debris and maintaining your overall comfort during demanding tasks.

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