SORD Garmin Foretrex 801/901 Wrist Pouch

Sale price$52.99 AUD


Designed exclusively for the Garmin Foretrex 801/901, this pouch is crafted for professionals offering simple functionality and durability.



Precision Fit: Engineered specifically for the new model Garmin Foretrex 801/901 with its larger screen size, this pouch ensures a snug and secure fit either directly to skin or over cold weather clothing, offering protection, clear vision & easy access to your device.

Rear Velcro Opening: The rear velcro flap acts as a strong barrier against dust.

Enhanced Wrist Comfort: The base of the pouch features padded mesh and an innovative design that allows maximum wrist movement.

Highly Durable Laser-Cut Hypalon Material: This material adds to the longevity of the pouch while remaining lightweight.

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