SORD Hook Knife Combo

Colour: Multicam
Sale price$48.00 AUD


Version 2 of the popular SORD Hook Knife kit comprises of two parts being the revamped and updated Hook Knife pouch and the Hook knife itself.
The updated pouch allows for a smoother, quicker draw without snagging on exterior or interior parts of the pouch.

Now also featured is a low profile lanyard loop and elastic lanyard stowage sleeve allowing the lanyard to be kept tucked away to minimise snagging and getting caught in the blade when drawn during an emergency situation.

The enclosed Stainless steel blade is ideal for cutting through webbing, seat belt & suspension lines amongst other thin fabrics that can be fed into the recessed blade protecting slot. The mouth opening is set small enough to prevent cutting of one's own fingers while in an emergency situation. 

The Hook Knife is based on a simple yet functional safety knife that was developed for but not limited to use by skydivers, rescue personnel, Police and the Military. (NOTE: Lanyard is NOT included with the Hook Knife V2 bundle). 

Requires a single MOLLE column for attachment. 

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