SORD Plate Hanger II

Colour: Multicam
Sale price$189.00 AUD


An updated version of the non-releasable platform designed to carry in service ADF ballistic plates.

Single layer shoulder straps offer great comfort and are fully adjustable, including trap-arch angle adjustment giving the operator the pieces necessary to achieve the best fit possible, reducing fatigue and unnecessary strain on the shoulders. The shoulder straps feature webbing loops for cable/hydration routing and also the attachment of backpacks. 

The Plate Hanger comes with a low profile skeletal cummerbund, the 2-row design of the Skeletal cummerbund allows correct height adjustment of the front and back plates while eliminating uncomfortable cutting into the arm pits and lateral muscles that is common among other MOLLE & Skeletal cummerbunds. The Skeletal cummerbund can be self-adjusted while being worn/on the move via the front draw tensioning strap. Fastex clip for quick Don/Doff. 

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