SORD Shooting Mat

Colour: Multicam
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The Shooting Mat has been adapted and specially modified for long range shooting with bipod mounted weapon systems.

The Shooting Mat has undergone extensive trials, going through multiple evolutions of development and tested in a range of environments from active-duty with Special Forces sniper teams through to F-Class competition, field firing, hunting and range practice.

It has consistently proven itself to be a more effective, compact and comfortable shooting system than anything previously available.

The SORD Shooting Mat sets itself apart from others on the market with it's configurable / removable / adjustable 'bipod loading strap' that allows the shooter to 'load the bipod' by pushing the weapon forwards, away from the mat towards the target with each bipod leg captured in the webbing loop straps. The loading strap is compatible with Harris / Atlas / Parker-Hale type bipods and anything with a similar footprint.
Loading the bipod greatly enhances recoil management and builds a much firmer shooting position especially on uneven terrain and sloped ground. The bipod loading strap is removable, attached by a metal "G Hook" and can be configured for either a LEFT / CENTRE / RIGHT or REMOVED configuration to provide a more comfortable and straight line recoil path.

With an enormous amount of adjustment this makes the Shooting Mat adaptable to all forms of rifles where bipod locations can vary hugely. To adjust the loading strap simply lie behind the rifle with the bipod legs captured in the loops, grab the webbing strap and push away from the G Hook towards the rifle to shorten the strap or reverse the sequence for more length. 

The Shooting Mat comes with two tearaway Velcro-backed panels, one being a MOLLE section 6 rows wide and the other being a DOPE (Data On Previous Engagement) data sheet panel can be reconfigured or removed based on shooter preference being left or right handed. The DOPE sleeve has a sun shade cover to avoid sun flash and protect the clear plastic screen from the elements.
Screen dimensions: 12.5cm x 15cm.

The forward mat section (beneath the Velcro panel) has a single full-width zippered internal storage area for items such as spent brass / data cards / allen keys / pegs etc that can be quickly zipped shut in the case of a hasty withdrawal to manage and keep track of smaller items.
Fold out wings with friction enhanced Grip-Tac fabric have been added to the system providing high friction areas that assist in maintaining solid elbow positioning and also help to prevent slippage with high recoil weapon systems.
Being a multi purpose mat, the wings can be folded in over the Velcro panel area allowing the Shooting Mat to transition into a basic sleeping platform similar to the SORD 'Straight Mat'.

On the corner of each wing is a stake hole allowing the mat to be pinned down in high wind areas or lanyard attach a muzzle blast mat if required.

Constructed with a 500 Denier Cordura base surface and a 330 Denier Cordura top layer to reduce weight, slim 3mm foam for padding and protection from the elements.
The Shooting Mat has retained the same dimensions as the popular SORD Straight Mat, allowing it to easily slip into the back of an ALICE pack frame or inside almost any reasonably sized day pack.

Height 26cm (11") 100cm (39")
Width (Wings Stowed) 41cm (17") -------
Width (Wings Deployed) -------- 85cm (33.5")
Thickness 4cm (1.5") 5mm


  • Fold out padded wings provide added protection from the elements when in position for extended periods.
  • Adjustable/removable Bipod straps (ITW G-Hook Wave) allow loading of the weapon away from the shooter for added stability.
  • Admin area with zip for storage of data book, shell casings or other necessary items.
  • Coyote Velcro pile area for removable modular panels that allow the addition of
  • slimline pouches. (Single magazine / Kestrel / Multi tool etc).
  • Folds down small enough to fit comfortably in the rear of an ALICE framed pack.
  • Clear rifle DOPE data sleeve for come-ups and weapon specific load data.
  • Removable Velcro strap holds the mat in the closed position for storage and transport.
  • 3mm foam to help insulate the shooter from cold / hot surfaces.
  • Coyote Grip-tac on elbow areas for greater friction.
  • Loops to peg down the forward corners.
  • The minimalistic design concepts make the Shooting Mat a highly practical item.
  • Shooting Mat weight approx 700 GRAMS.

Multicam ONLY

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