Colour: Multicam
Sale price$47.00 AUD


The SIP (Specialist Insertion Platform) is a light weight low profile chest rig designed to fit under or with your insertion equipment, be it under your reserve parachute, swimmer scout valise or worn as a standalone for TAG drivers or recce teams. Its don and doff design makes it quick and simple to get in and out of as you transition between mission phases. 


  • 330D cordura construction for minimal weight 
  • complete side release in one buckle for fast transition between SIP to Assault rig 
  • internal sleeve lined with Velcro pile for Mission Specific Inserts (HAPO NAV BOARD, Pistol Holster NOT INCLUDED) 
  • Standard Velcro sandwich for attaching our TED/DUMP POUCH/HAPO HANDWARMER or other pouches 
  • Shoulder straps can be configured in both X or H style with removable cross bar 
  • Elastic cable retention on shoulders 

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