SORD S&T Leg Panel Slim

Colour: Multicam
Sale price$85.00 AUD


The "Slick & Tight" Leg Panel Slim is designed to be a low slung modular platform that is attached to the SORD Duty Belt/ Agile Belt System to hold additional equipment. Foam lined and ultra strong, the S&T Slim is a comfortable way to keep things you need handy, down low and easily accessible. 
Two thick adjustable Velcro and elastic bands that snap closed each with a single large Fastex buckle will hold the panel close to your thigh and minimize movement. Adjustable height allows this rig to be worn by virtually anyone. The S&T Leg Panel Slim requires a solid, non flexing belt to function properly. 
One size fits all.
Offers 3 x MOLLE Rows and 4 x MOLLE Columns.
DIMENSIONS OF MOLLE PANEL: 180mm Wide x 155mm Tall.

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