SORD Tactical Medkit 4 Cell

Colour: Multicam
Sale price$242.00 AUD


This kit has been specifically designed by Special Forces medics to carry all necessary equipment while remaining small enough for tactical field care where size is critical for combat military use and without impeding on mission essential equipment carried by the operator or specialist.

This is the smallest kit available on the market. It is small enough to allow user to enter small doorways and windows during CQB and allows vehicle operation without removal from rear of webbing, vest or plate carrier.

The kit has removable internal zip pouches that can be arranged to suit users needs, iti wrote can be used by all medics, from basic to advanced, as their initial treatment kit. There are two variants of the Tactical Medkit. Each outer pack is based on the requirements of the user, whether they need to attach the kit to there vest for assault (Tactical Medkit – 4 Cell) which includes 4 pouches.

The larger variant, Tactical Medkit – 6 Cell, for medics requiring an extended kit for specific roles, includes 6 pouches. All internal pouches are interchangeable between packs.
Outside of packs has MOLLE for expansion of kit.

The bottom of the pack has MOLLE for soft litter attachment. The pack is attached to the wearers back with MOLLE much like our Hydration XL.

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