TAS 100% Cotton T-Shirt

Size: M
Colour: Tan
Sale price$12.95 AUD


The TAS 100% Cotton T-Shirt is a versatile and comfortable piece of clothing suitable for various outdoor activities. Here are its key features:

  • Material: Made from 100% pure cotton, which offers exceptional comfort and breathability.

  • Ideal for Various Activities: This T-shirt is well-suited for a wide range of activities, including camping, hiking, and more.

  • Made to Military Specifications: Designed to meet military specifications, ensuring durability and reliability.

  • Weight: Weighs 150gsm, making it lightweight and easy to wear.

  • Color: Tan color with a round neck and inset sleeves.

The TAS 100% Cotton T-Shirt provides both comfort and functionality, making it an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts, military or security personnel, and anyone in need of a reliable and comfortable T-shirt for various activities.

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