TAS 1L Defence Force Flask

Size: 1L
Colour: Green
Sale price$9.95 AUD


Introducing the TAS 1L Defence Force Flask, a versatile and efficient solution for your hydration needs. Notably, you can conveniently fit two of these flasks inside the issued minimi pouch, offering more capacity compared to a single issued 1-liter bottle.

Key Features:

  • Each flask weighs approximately 51g, ensuring lightweight portability.
  • Graduated measurements on the side in 200ml increments, allowing for precise liquid measurement.
  • Features a wide mouth with rounded edges, facilitating easy filling and pouring.
  • Enhanced comfort with smoother ridges on the lid.
  • Inset sides for improved grip, ensuring a secure hold.
  • Leak-proof lid to prevent spills and ensure your belongings stay dry.
  • The front sticker peels off without leaving marks, allowing for customization and easy labeling.
  • Dishwasher and freezer safe for convenient cleaning and storage.
  • Complies with food-grade standards and is BPA-free for safe consumption.
  • Offers a generous 1000ml capacity, providing ample hydration.

The TAS 1L Defence Force Flask is a reliable and practical choice for your outdoor and tactical hydration needs, offering both convenience and functionality.

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