TAS X-Lite Xtreme Self-Inflating Mat 3.8cm Thick

Size: 183cm x 51cm
Colour: Green
Sale price$89.95 AUD


  • The TAS X-Lite Xtreme Self-Inflating Mat is designed to provide comfort and insulation for outdoor enthusiasts during their adventures. Here are its key features and specifications:


    1. Diamond Ripstop Fabric: The mat is constructed from diamond ripstop fabric, which enhances its durability and resistance to wear and tear.

    2. Brass Valve: It features a brass valve that allows for easy inflation and deflation, giving you control over the firmness of the mat.

    3. Stuff Sack and Repair Kit: The mat comes with a stuff sack for convenient storage and transport. Additionally, it includes a repair kit to address any minor damages that may occur during use.

    Measurements and Weight:

    • Opened Measurements: 183cm x 51cm x 3cm - This provides ample space for a comfortable night's sleep.

    • Packed Measurements: 28cm x 14cm x 14cm - When packed, the mat is compact and easy to carry, fitting nicely into your backpack.

    • Weight: 830g - It is lightweight, making it suitable for backpacking and camping trips where minimizing weight is essential.

    The 3.8cm thickness of the mat offers increased comfort and insulation from the ground, helping you stay warm and well-rested during your outdoor adventures. Whether you're camping, hiking, or backpacking, the TAS X-Lite Xtreme Self-Inflating Mat is designed to provide a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface, enhancing your overall outdoor experience.

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