UST Spark Wheel Fire Starter

Sale price$12.95 AUD


UST SparkWheel Fire Starter is an easily used, one-handed, super light, compact fire starter that generates sparks even in cold, wet and windy conditions. Designed to spark hundreds of times, it is made of high-quality brass and has an adjustable tension spring to ensure a hot spark every time, making it an essential part of your emergency kit.


  • Ultra-Lightweight, Reliable Fire Starter
  • Easy One-Handed Use
  • Made of High-Quality Brass
  • Has Adjustable Tension Spring Ensures Hot Spark Every Time
  • Sparks In Any Weather Condition
  • Designed to Spark Hundreds of Times
  • Includes Compact Waterproof Storage Tube and 3 Replacement Flints
  • Dimensions with Case: 52mm x 24mm x 16mm
  • Dimensions without Case: 38mm x 11mm x 8mm
  • Weight with Case: 10g

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